Wizyta w Europarlamencie



We visited the EU Parliament on 13th February 2014. At first we were divided into six groups:

  1.   „Environment and renewable energy sources”
  2.   „Freedom of information and citizens’ culture”
  3.   „2014- European’s Year of fighting with wasting food”
  4.   „Future of Europe”
  5.   „2014- Elections for the EU Parliament”
  6.   „Employment of the youth”

Then, there was a meeting of all students from 27 countries in the main Parliament Hall. Students introduced their countries and schools. Our school was introduced by Hubert and Miłosz together with a group of four students (Agata, Sebastian, Damian, Kacper) in national outfits.

After that students were working in groups. They were discussing the situation in their countries and the current problems in Europe. Five people working for the EU Parliament were answering our questions. Sebastian asked about the Ukraine and why the EU is so slow in any reaction. The answer was quite evasive, they told that they had limited field of reaction.
Afterwards they asked us how the EU should look like and what we want to change. There were many interesting and inspiring ideas.

There was also the competition of knowledge about Europe. Our friend Olek was in the winning team. He won the gold medal, together with friends from Malta, Lithuania and Hungary.

More photos on FACEBOOK: euroscola.


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